Tanabe GF210 Lowering Springs - Genesis Turbo Coupe 2.0T

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Tanabe SUSTEC GF210 lowering springs for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe "Grip Feeling"
line springs feature 4.3/3.5kg spring rate
front/read for performance-oriented driving.

The ultra light-weight, ultra durable, ultra precise 210 series springs are
created through Tanabe's newly developed shot-peen technology and state-of-the
art German machinery.

Price includes a set of (4) lowering springs.

TECH TIP: The GF210s lower the Genesis Coupe 0.8
inches in the front and 0.9 inch in the rear for a more aggressive stance and
lower center of gravity.

Hyundai Genesis Turbo Coupe 2.0T