TurboSmart E-Boost Electronic Boost Controller

TurboSmart E-Boost Electronic Boost Controller

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The e-Boost is the worlds first re-programmable boost controller utilizing FLASH memory technology, making it compatible with future software upgrades, meaning your e-Boost will never be out-dated. The e-Boost is more than just the best performing electronic boost controller, it is a complete boost management system, making Turbosmart a world leader in boost control systems. That's right folks this is a boost gauge & boost controller in the same package.

This revolutionary product is loaded with features, squeezed into a package small enough to fit in the palm of your hand: The latest in Hi-tech electronics, featuring a 16 bit RISC based FLASH memory CPU

– faster and smoother boost response Utilizes the latest in surface mount technology

– lighter, smaller and ultra compact Electronics are housed in an anodized billet aluminum alloy housing

– offering durability and reliability in harsh race conditions Programmable gate pressure function to totally eliminate wastegate creep

- you tell the wastegate when to open Three internally or externally activated and individually programmable boost set points Drag racers

- improve your launch, run a different boost in each gear High accuracy boost and vacuum display, readout accurate to within +/- 0.5% of full scale, boost gauge no longer required

– great value Readout can be tailored to suit your needs – display can be configured in KPA, Bar or PSI Easy to read seven segment display with programmable bar graph and glow in the dark buttons Programmable auxiliary output

– e.g. water spray control, water/methanol injection, boost light Programmable audible warning alarm

– excellent for over-boost warning or full boost confirmation Peak hold/Max Boost recall function Revolutionary gauge type construction allows many practical mounting solutions

– 66mm in diameter 55mm long. Suitable for Panel mounting, or in any 2 5/8 inch gauge pod or pillar mounting system.